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This is from the New York Times... .. ... .. ... nyt sunday,sept 1,1968 covering SATURDAY AUGUST 31,1968... HUMPHREY MAPS STRATEGY TO MEET NIXON CHALLENGE,... NOMINATION OF HUMPHREY, DETAILS OF A FIVE MONTH DRIVE,... GUARDSMEN LEAVE CHICAGO AS POLICE END TWELVE HOUR TOURS,... J.EDGAR HOOVER ASSAILS CAMPUS 'TERROR' LED BY NEW LEFT,... CZECH PARTY IS IN SESSION TO REVISE ITS LEADERSHIP,... US SAYS RUSSIANS CHANGED BALANCE IN MIDDLE EUROPE,... JACOB JAVITS URGES CUT IN US WAR ROLE,... MANY ARE FEARED KILLED AS EARTHQUAKE HITS IRAN,... JET AND ISRAELIS FREED BY ALGERIA,... NEGROES CALL OFF OLYMPIC BOYCOTT,... AFTER TWO YEARS, TURMOIL IN CHINA SEEMS TO BEE EBBING,... ... SPORTS;. orioles beat tigers and trail by 6 games,... roy face ties mark as pirates trounce braves 8-0, then is traded to tigers. 802nd game is token appearance to tie walter johnson for most games by pitcher in same league,... football giants to move to l.i. training camp,... packers top steelers 21-17 as starr and bratkowski click on long passes,... weather; first quarter moon aug 30, full moon sept 6, last quarter sept 14, new moon sept 22, sunrise sept 1; 622am edt, set 731edt, rise tomorrow 623am edt, moon rise today sunday sept 1, 423pm edt, and set tomorrow 12.01 pm, city weather illegible cinn 84?/57 .00rain, cloudy, for high temp hours are from 6am aug 30 to 7pm aug 31, low temps from 8am aug 30 to 8pm aug 31, precipitation is from 8am to 8pm aug 31. all edt.,... ... ... ... ... ... monday,sept 2,1968 covering SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 1,1968:.. MUSKIE REGARDS POLICE IN CHICAGO AS OVERREACTING,... INVASION OF CZECHOSLOVAKIA, THE FIRST WEEK,... CZECH PARTY ADDS LIBERAL LEADERS IN SURPRISE MOVE, ONLY TWO OF 21 ARE PRO-MOSCOW,... TEACHERS WARN OF SCHOOL STRIKE,... FOE SHELLS DANANG WITH BIG ROCKETS, KILLING AT LEAST TEN,... IRANS QUAKE TOLL PUT IN THOUSANDS,... US NOW DOUBTS INVASION OF RUMANIA IS IMMINENT,... CLEVELAND SEARCHES FOR REASONS FOR FOUR DAY RACE BATTLES IN JULY,... LABOR DAY TODAY SEPT.1; POST OFFICES CLOSED, BANKS CLOSED, MOST STORES CLOSED(REMEMBER, IN 1968 THEY STLL HAD 'BLUE LAWS' SO THESE WERE CLOSED FOR TWO STRAIGHT DAYS),... .... ..... SPORTS; mclain starts triple play in defeating orioles 7-3 for his 27th victory,... bill singer gets 21 of last 23 as dodgers edge giants 3-2,... gary player increases his lead in thunderbird golf classic,... weather; sunrise 623am edt, set 728pm, rise tom sept 3 at 624am, moonset today sept 2 at 101am,rises 518pm and sets tom 9-3 at 212am. So had a bright three quarter moon from supper to midnight labor day monday sept 2,1968,... cincinnati, 77/60 7am-7pm/8pm sunday sept 1,1968 (this makes no sense as in 1967 they went by 24 hr period. The real low would be between 7pm and 7am)(a misprint??) .19 precipitation (7pm aug 31 to 7pm sept 1), pt.cldy (at 7pm sept 1), indy; 74/61 .22, clear,.. louisville 80/blotch, .95, clear... also: arctic flight plane abandoned in 1928 may be recovered....I give up for now. It keeps erasing my work. It took 3 hours of actual work to do the above!!!.... .... .... .... .... .... .... nyt tuesday sept.3,1968 for MONDAY SEPTEMBER 2,1968..: (need news) sunrise 624,set 726,rise tom 624,,,, moonset today 9-3 212am, rise 602pm 9-3, set tom 9-4 327am,,, cinn 81/56, .45 clr, ,indy 78/51, .01 clr,, lou 83/59,.00 cldy... ... ... ... nyt wed.sept 4,1967 covering TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 3, 1968 :: PRAGUE EXPECTING PULLOUT IN CITIES LATER THIS WEEK,, DALEY DEMAND TELEVISION TIME TO DEFEND POLICE<< city school board fails to resolve brooklyn dispute,, MOSCOW DENOUNCES HAJEK, CZECH AIDE,, ACCORD REACHED ON BIAFRA RELIEF,, Candidate ed muskie slips into an old shoe role,, wallace presses voters to enroll,, nixon pays call on Card. Cook; aides woo ethnic groups,, supervisors fail to slow subways,, ...Sports: Mets turn back Braves 4-3,Then bow in 12th 7-6, Seaver captures 14th in opener, pappas loser,,, Yanks beat Orioles 6-1, triple by roy white caps four run 9th. peterson over phoebus,,, Burton shatters free style mark, ucla star clocked in 16:08.5 for 1,500 meters,,, astros recall don blasingame (inj),,, tigers top As 6-3,lead by 8 games, wilson start,dobson win,hunter start, sprague lose,,,cleve 7,cal 2, sudden sam mcdowell 7k/7ip over glothlin,,, ferguson jenkins over gaylord perry/ bill monbouquette 8-3 chi/sf, sammy ellis over larry dieker 3-2 pitt/hou,,, weather: (9-4)9-3 sunrise 624 9-4, set 725pm, rise tom 9-5 625,,moonset today 9-4 327am, rise 636 pm, set tom 9-5 424am,, ind 85/59 .00, pt cldy,, cinn 88/58 .00 pt cldy,, lou 89/59 .00, rain at 7pm,,, threat of strike on city fireboats, arrivals record set at kennedy 18,514 overseas travellers cleared in 24 hours,, MOON PHASES: aug 30 fq, sept 8 full, sept 14 last quarter, sept 22 new,,,.... ... ... .... nyt thurs sept.5, 1968 for WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 4, 1968.. 10cents... board approves plan for schools as strike looms.... OFF DUTY POLICE HERE JOIN IN BEATING BLACK PANTHERS... US REASSESSING POLICIES IN WAKE OF PRAGUE CRISIS..... Election reform asked in congress as it reconvenes, polit convention system criticized after violence in chicago stirs debate,,, FATAL BOMBING ATTACK IN TEL AVIV STIRS MOB ATTACK ON ARABS,,,... 400,000 WELCOME NIXON DURING A TOUR OF CHICAGO... school reforms pushed in france... ... FAA acts to cut use of 5 airports... liberal party platform asks bombing end... ... violence panel to study chicago... Hanoi asserts US represses critics... Democratic leaders pessimistic despite signs of returning unity...

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