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Wednesday MAY 12, 2004 ,,, Briscoe Ten Men 1968-1970

....... Wednesday MAY 12, 2004. I am gone from this for the summer.. .... ..... ...DECEMBER 13, 2002. My friend stole thousands from me and stood me up besides. But now Im trying to reserve a room in Bloomington in AUTUMN 2003. I keep this page informed. ......... BULLETIN:::: NOVEMBER 5, 2002: MY FRIEND WANTS TO DRIVE TO INDIANA TO SEE THE PENN STATE GAME WHICH HE SAYS IS THIS WEEKEND. BUT WE WILL ONLY BE THERE FOR THE GAME AND THEN DRIVE BACK................ ............ ............ ........... ............. ............... ............. .......... .............. Wednesday May 8, 2002. 1127am. Just renewing this. Please note that I was in Bloomington in 1991, 92, 94,95 and IF I had the names and addresses I have now I would have xeroxed my schedule and sent it to EVERYONE just to get a Briscoe Alumi group going. I would have said that I'd be at a certain place each day at a certain time and that I would leave information on a specific bulletin board each day telling where Id be just in case anyone else showed up. Those of you who still live in Indiana should think about doing that whenever you plan on going. We have both emails and xeroxes now....... ... NIGHTMARE!!!!!!! Wednesday Jan 2, 2002..... Some time back HOTMAIL ERASED all my email!!!!!!! That means I lost all your letters and addresses to email you back. If you know each others' emails PLEASE tell each other what happened. My email is the same but its now BLANK!!!!! I'll have to start all over with your letters and stories and info!!!!!!!! .... ------- ------ .... Jan 28,2000: THE MAIN PURPOSE OF THIS SITE IS TO GET THE GUYS WHO STILL LIVE IN INDIANA TO GET TOGETHER AGAIN IN BLOOMINGTON. EVEN IF ITS JUST IN TWOS AND THREES. I HAD GOTTEN IN THE HABIT OF GOING CROSS-COUNTRY TO BLOOMINGTON EVERY YEAR AT OAKEN BUCKET TIME BUT NO ONE I KNEW FROM THE 60/70S WAS THERE. NOW IF ANY OF YOU TWO GUYS GET TOGETHER YOU CAN INVITE OTHERS TO SHOW UP AS WELL VIA THE 'ONELIST' WHICH IS INFINITELY EASIER THAN FORMAL MEETINGS WITH SNAILMAIL INVITATIONS. IM CARING FOR A SICK PARENT NOW BUT THE MOMENT I CAN GO BACK, EVEN BY MYSELF, I WILL TELL EVERYONE FIRST JUST IN CASE OTHERS WANT TO SHOW UP _________ JANUARY 27: JOIN THIS AND TELL THE OTHERS: ... THURSDAY January 6, 1999... I just got a MAKE-YOUR- OWN-Opoly Game and want to make one about IU in 1968. Dont know about CD-ROMS or floppy disks yet though. I want to put it on the web.... FRIDAY NOVEMBER 19, 1999: To those of you who sent me info via email. Why not post it on the bulletin board? If you forgot what you wrote, just tell me you want your old letter back and I'll send it..... OCTOBER 27,1999: I have been trickling stuff out to people but things like this dont work if only one guy cares enough to do all the work. If you got a copy, make some xeroxes and pass it on...... 9-24-99: On second thought maybe we should forget all about this college football season. IU will be here tomorrow to play PSU and I now just hope we get out alive as IUs defense looks so bad... __ 9-15-99____ AUTUMN 1999 WILL SOON BE HERE!!!! NEW FRESHMEN COMING IN JUST AS WE ONCE DID______ NEW FOOTBALL SEASON JUST LIKE WE HAD______ GET ON THE STICK!!! _____ CONTACT THE OTHERS WHOSE ADDRESSES ARE HERE AND TELL THEM TO PASS THE MESSAGE ON VIA XEROX MACHINES ____ GO BUY YOURSELF A COLLEGE FOOTBALL MAGAZINE SO YOU KNOW THE IU PLAYERS YOU OLD FOGIES___ ___________ _____ _____ NOTICE: I just created a ONELIST for this page. Go to and see what it's about. First, you go to it and sign up for "Briscoe68-70@onelist" .. That means that when you either send or reply to an email for Briscoe68-70 EVERYONE else gets it as well. It's a mass mailing list!...Monday July 26, 1999____ THE LINK TO ONELIST IS HERE ON THE BOTTOM!!!______ GO BUY SOME STAMPS AND WRITE TO THE OTHERS BELOW. OR WRITE ONCE, XEROX IT, AND CONTACT THE OTHERS BELOW!!____ ________________ __________________ _____________________ ___________________ __________________ ___________________ _____________________ ___________________ _____ CHECK LINKS ON BOTTOM_____ CHECK LINKS ON BOTTOM FOR OLD BLOOMINGTON. _____ _____ _____ _____ Greetings, this is the guy who lived in room 1017 of Briscoe Ten B during September 1968 - January 1969 and again January 1970 - June 1970. I also lived on Briscoe's third floor later on (321 and 317). I got the Redbook for 1968 via interlibrary loan and I xeroxed the entire thing. But there are glitches in it. And I still have to get 1970. The purpose of this page is to locate others and use the message board for us to get in contact with each other again. And then those of you who still live in Indiana can perhaps get up a reunion now and then (hopefully around football season). Reunions do NOT have to be formal. If they cost anyone any money or having to make reservations noone would want to do it. All you have to do is let others know when and where you'll be when you go there by posting a message inviting people. I'm just starting this up today, Tuesday Oct.26, 1998 11.31 am, as sort of a birthday present for myself (Oct 30, 1949) _____.. _____ _____ _____ ____ _____ _____ _____ _____ FOR SOME CRAZY REASON THE LINKS TO ALL THE PAGES ON THIS SITE HAVEN'T BEEN COMING UP. THERE ARE LINKS AND A COUNTER BELOW. KEEP TRYING TO GET THEM TO COME UP!!...Here 2-25-99 Thursday

This is the info for where each person lived in 9/68 that I gleaned out of the Redbook. Note that there are glitches (like three men in the same room and only one in another). I'll start with my side of the building first and the side facing away from campus: 1030 John Muehlberg, 1028 George Rubis , 1026 Rex Richards & Bill Shearer, 1024 Val Chandler & Steve Douglas & Harry Sacks (3?), 1022 George Elzer & Jim Mentel (I recall Jim lived across from the bathroom),1020 Paul Anderson & Dale Brumm, 1018 John Treckner & ?, 1016 John Buchanan & Ken Shafer. Next was the lounge. On the other side of the hall, starting at fire doors again. 1027 Dave Roberts & John Ruge, 1025 Bob DeMao & ??, 1023 Cliff Hess & Fred Langville, 1021 Ivan Solomon & Mike Read (corner by cross-hall). Now for the other side of the building. 1004 Dave Cohen & Don Ramsey, 1006 Jim Press & Gary Haupert, 1008 John Baker & Dick Moss, 1010 Tom Battista & Bill Bechter, 1012 Roger Fischer & Adam Robinson, 1014 Jack Wilson and John Mazenis. Now other side of hall: From fire doors. 1001 Dick Alter , 1003 John Goldsmith & Charles James, 1005 Bob Legge & Karl Florence, 1007 Tom Eppley & Dennis Hardy. Now for the privates: 1009 Rick May, 1011 Jim Hunsberger, 1013 no one listed, 1015 Ron Backer, 1017 ME , 1019 Dick Delay. I visited Briscoe Ten in 1991,92,94,95. (They had the 1968 graffiti still on the inside of the bathroom stalls in 1991 but painted over it in 1992.)PLEASE HELP ME LOCATE PEOPLE. Just put the code for this page on their e-mail or snailmail letter. THE IRONY: I am the one who kept going back to see my old room and my room is the only one which no longer exists! In 1994 they knocked down the wall between 1017 and 1019 and now they are both 1019. Sniff! I also need 1970 Redbook info. (Note: Jane Pauley is in the 1968 book living in Forest). Here's a bit of worthless info for you: If you ever wonder about what the weather was on any specific day you were in Briscoe and are too far away to go to Bloomington to go through the old microfilms, all you have to do is use the NY TImes microfilms and look up Cincinnati. When I was there in those 4 years I recorded the weather each day. Then when I got home I went through the Times and saw that Cinn. is remarkably the same. Even one day when it snowed just lightly in Bloomington it did the same in Cinn. but not in Indy or Louisville. Of course this makes sense as weather goes almost directly west to east. _____ _____ _____ _____ I JUST GOT THE FOLLOWING BACK FROM ALUMNET Wed 11-25-98: Dick Alter 1276 n.wayne st, arlington,va 22201-2718,,, ivan-no, hess-no, fred-no, demao-no, ruge-no, dick delay 18414 maple st., lansing,illinois 60438-3309, ,, ron backer 8713 buffalo ridge drive,ind,ind 46227,,, buchanan no, treckner no,,, brumm no,,, jim mentel 4932 imperial drive, richton park, illinois 60471-1706,,, george elzer 1016 east state rte 62, boonville,ind 47601-8804,,, sachs no,,, val chandler 20660 keewahten ave north, forest lake,minn 55025-9181,,, bill shearer 522 west 8th st, anderson,ind 46016,,, rex no,,, rubis no,,, john muehlberg pob22526, tampa,fla 33622-2526,,, jim hunsberger 1937 north striped maple lane, elkhart,ind 46514,,, mazenis,no,,, adam robinson 6553 river point drive, green cove spring, fla 32043-8701,,, tom battista 5430 north new jersey, ind,ind 46220-3020,,, bechter-no,,, colonel richard moss, 10101 juniper lane, eden prairie, minn 55347-4536,,, gary haupert 15127 hawthorne ct, cedar lake,ind 46303-9026,,, jim press 768 arnold way, menlo park,cal 94025,,, ramsey no,,, dennis hardy phd, 27a east howell ave, alexandria,va 22301-1407,,, tom eppley 263 kings ridge square, fairfield, ohio 45014,,, bob legge 122 quebec ave, toronto, ont M6P 2T6, karl florence no,,, john goldsmith-no,,, _____ ______ WHAT YOU CAN DO: Put all these addresses on a list. Add this webpage code. Make copies. Send them to the names on the list (or at least some of them). ALSO look in your web people finders for the missing addresses...11-25-98... ... !!!!!! 12-8-98 .... ... LATEST FROM ALUMNET 12-10-98, :: david p. roberts 10617 N25 place, phoenix, az 85028,,, kenneth e.shafer 6239 sunny springs, columbia md 21044,,, paul j. anderson 120 S 570 W , hebron,ind 46341,,, stephen c. douglas (who stole my pillow in september 1968, may his soul be damned for ALL eternity by the imps of HELL,) pob 132804 dallas, tx 75313,,, richard d. may 1626 diamond street, san francisco, ca 94131,,, jack o. wilson 7226 riley court ind,ind 46250,,, john lynn baker NOT IN FILE, david m. cohen, 1305 laurel view drive, ann arbor, mich 48105,,, john jacob mazenis NOT IN FILE,,, john r. buchanan NOT IN FILE, sturer/stura r.a.? Nothing found,,, WHAT YOU CAN DO: If you got a card from me with a list of names, xerox it and mail it to the names on the card and/or the new names here. USE YOUR WWW PEOPLE FINDERS TO FIND THESE MISSING PEOPLE.____ _____ _____ _____ _____ ______ PEOPLE WHO STILL HAVE NOT BEEN FOUND ON THE ALUMNET (USE YOUR WWW PEOPLE FINDERS FOR THESE:::_____ DON EDWARD RAMSEY,_____ JOHN LYNN BAKER,_____ BILL ED BECHER,_____ ROGER FISCHELL,_____ JOHN JACOB MAZENIS,_____ CHARLES JAMES,_____ KARL ANDRE FLORENCE,_____ JOHN MARC RUGE,_____ BOB DEMAO,_____ CLIFF HENRY HESS,_____ FRED COWDREY LANGVILLE,_____ IVAN DAVID SOLOMON,_____ MIKE READ,_____ GEORGE RUBIS,_____ REX GRAYDON RICHARDS,_____ HARRY MARVIN SACHS,_____ ( DALE DWAIN BRUMM IS HERE: He's on the message board!,) _____ JOHN DAVID TRECKNER, _____JOHN ROBERT BUCHANAN._____ NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT POST ANYTHING WHICH MIGHT BE EMBARRASSING TO ANOTHER BRISCOETENMAN. REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENED TO JIM BOUTON. "WHAT YOU SEE HERE AND HEAR HERE SHOULD REMAIN HERE" IN REGARDS TO MEMORIES. Of course it's okay to post the things that made us ALL look like jerks._____ _____ _____ ______ ______ IF ANY OF YOU HAVE ANYTHING FROM THE ERA MAKE YOUR OWN WEBPAGE JUST FOR IT AND CONNECT IT TO HERE.... Ive been getting email but virtually no postings and noone else yet has made his own page about Briscoe. 12-15-98... 12-21-98; HERE'S WHAT I GOT FROM ALTAVISTA BY TRYING THE MISSING NAMES: GEORGE WILLIAM RUBIS: I got george w. rubis, 10600 west scharles (sic) avenue, hales comers, wisc 53130-2029, FRED COWDREY LANGVILLE: I got fred langville, 8888 sw 90th st, ocala fla 34481-9421 (no middle name, spelled with a 'v'), REX GRAYDON RICHARDS: I got rex richards, 1455 bluegrass ct, valparaiso, ind 46385-6110 AND rex D. richards (relative?) 1011 princeton blvd, elkhart, ind 46516-3816, DALE DWAIN BRUMM: I got dale d. brumm, 9867 oakridge drive, st. john, ind 46373, IVAN DAVID SOLOMON: I got ivan solomon, 240 west mckay rd, shelbyville, in 46176-3023, JOHN ROBERT BUCHANAN: I got john robert buchanan 1511 versailles rd, apt 5-1, lexington, ky 40504-2448, ROBERT DeMAO: I got robert c. demao, 4850 gary rd., bonita springs, fl 34134-3927, JOHN JACOB MAZENIS: All I got was john R. mazenis (relative?), 2718 shady wood place, lakeland, fla 33810-2018, JOHN LEE GOLDSMITH: I got john l. goldsmith, bloomfield ,in 47424 (no street), JOHN LYNN BAKER: There were FIVE John L. Bakers in Indiana and only ONE john LYNN baker but in 216 3rd st, freeport, pa 16229-1136, WILLIAM EDWARD BECHER: There were FIVE William Bechers with the wrong middle initial and one with NO initial in Indiana: william becher, 348 west jefferson st, franklin, indiana 46131-2110, STILL CANT FIND ANYTHING THAT MAKES SENSE FOR THESE GUYS: HARRY MARVIN SACHS, CLIFF HENRY HESS, KARL ANDRE FLORENCE. I try various things and either there is NOTHING or else there is EVERYTHING.... I also have to re-locate the middle names of CHARLES JAMES and MIKE READ. The name "TRECKNER" is nowhere on the entire net according to Altavista. I forget if I had once found Roger Fischell. _____ _____ _____ _____ JAN 3,1999: I went on YAHOO! people finder. But it won't take middle initials so it's much harder. But I tried every missing name and this is what they had: don edward ramsey: they had just don e. ramsey, 408 e.clark st, flora, in 46929-1707,,, robert demao: they had 'robt c. demao, 4850 gary rd, bonita springs, fl 34134-3927,,, fred cowdrey langville: they had fred langville, 8888 sw 90th st, ocala,fl 34481-9401 (Note: I used to live in Gainesville which is just a few miles north of ocala),,, ivan david solomon: it's unbelievable how many ivan solomons there are. The one in indiana was 240 west mckay rd, shelbyville,in 46176-3023 It MIGHT be him,,, rex graydon richards: it had a whole list of just 'rex richards' BUT look at this email that came up: It must be him!!! ,,, That's all I got from Yahoo!. IF ANYONE CAN FIND ANYTHING ELSE PLEASE POST IT ON THE BOARD. .................8-17-99

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