Sunday September 1, 1968

Humphrey maps strategy to meet Nixon challenge. Guardsmen leave Chicago as police end 12 hour tours. Hoover assails campus "Terror" led by New Left. Czech Party is in session to revise its leadership. U.S. says Russians changed balance in Middle Europe. Many are feared killed as earthquake hits Iran. Jet and Israelis freed by Algeria. Negroes call off Olympic boycott. After two years turmoil in China seems to be ending.,,,,,

Monday September 2, 1968 LABOR DAY

Muskie regards police in Chicago as overreacting. (Photo: HHH vaulting a fence) Article: Invasion of Czechoslovakia: The First Week (photo). Czech party adds liberal leaders in surprise move. Teachers warn of school strike. Foe shells Danang with big rockets killing at least ten. Iran's quake total put in thousands. U.S. now doubts invasion of Rumania is imminent. Cleaveland searches for reason for 4-day race battles in July. (Today is Labor Day: schedules). Photo: Iran quake. McLain starts Triple-Play in defeating Orioles 7-3 for his 27th victory. (Detroit in 1st by 7, StLouis in 1st by 12, Mets 2 out of last (L.A.),,,,, Second quake rocks Iran, 12-18,000 dead. An anti-Egyptian speech by Tunisia at Arab League conference in Cairo causes uproar. President Ordaz of Mexico says he will not allow students to disrupt the opening of Olympic games in Mexico City on October 12, 1968.

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