Thursday October 30, 1968 MY 19th BIRTHDAY!!!!

Also had TWO Midterms on this day. One very early in the morning and the other late at night. And as they were both very important courses the schedule really ruined my birthday!!!!

Friday October 31, 1968 HALLOWEEN!!!!!

I think all I did was go to the College Mall at night this Halloween. If I did, I almost always walked the same way. Down the elevator from Ten, out the front door, around the circle (They didn't have the big sign with the dorm's name in those days), down Fee Lane to Tenth Street (The Business Building on the left was much smaller in 1968 and on the right we just had a flat parking lot. That became a two-level garage years later and now will have another Business Building on it.) Then left (East) on Tenth Street. There was no Arboretum across the street then, just the Old Stadium that would later be in "Breaking Away"). Then down Tenth. There was no huge library across from Wright in Fall 1968. I think they were just building it. I don't recall if it was started or not by Halloween 1968. Then down Tenth past the parking lots and the gas station across from Wright and Teter. (Later they put gravel in the lots and then blacktopped them. Now they have a shopping center strip mall where the gas station was. Past Crosstwon Pharmacy. (They still had the same beat-up Crosstown Shopping Center sign there when I returned in 1991 but it was gone in 1992. The phonebooths of 1967 were still there in the 1990s.) Was Eigenmann open then or was it still under construction? I think they were building it as I turned the corner there. Then down the long street with the old GRE? dorms on the right and Willkie on the right to 3rd street. I don't think that was a pizza place then, maybe a furniture store. I'll have to look it up. And Tenth Street only had the side walk on the south side, as now. BUT it did NOT yet have that extra lane. So the sidewalk was just as thin between the dirt but pushed up a bit. I recall how the cars seemed to be right overhead to the left as I walked. Since 1969 the sidewalk in front of St Charles has no longer been right in line with the sidewalk of the rest of 3rd Street but a lane back. Then I'd cut diagonally across the front of the Protestant Church as they had the driveway there. In 1968 they did not yet have the modernistic loaves and fishes statue. Then I'd cross to HOOK'S Pharmacy and check the place out. The only difference I saw in 1991 from 1967 was that they moved the comic book rack back. In 1967/8 comics were to be thrown away, not collectibles. 1-2-01.

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